Rachel Digerness is currently a full-time Creative Brand Manager/Sr. Designer at Trollbäck+Company. She also works as an independent director, designer, animator and editor across all forms of media — motion, digital, experiential and print. She is passionate about communication and process and is always looking for ways to share meaningful narratives, whether abstract or literal.

With her unconventional background in business and engineering, she combines her passions for creativity, problem-solving, communication and technology in her work. She is a graduate of the Systems Engineering Department at the University of Virginia and worked as a business consultant and project manager for many years. Her Masters degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute moved her from SF to NYC in 2010.

In addition to engorging herself with music of all kinds, she wishes she owned a grand piano, had more time to spend getting to know people, and could practice German and Korean more often. She is currently learning how to surf and looks forward to making the leap from skiing to snowboarding this winter. In her other lives, she would have been a talk show host, a hip hop dancer or an indie rock drummer.

Her maiden name (Yoo) proudly lives on, while working out of her studio yooandme.us in Brooklyn, New York.